Will Mammootty get into politics?

From time to time, there are many speculations about Mammootty getting into politics, getting active in politics and which party Mammootty will be part of. Mammootty has made it clear that he is not into politics. Mammootty reiterates this in an interview with news agency IANS.

Actor Mammootty says he is not compelled to come down to politics to serve the people. The actor said he had no plans to enter politics. “He has never been very interested in politics. He has no interest in political activity. If we want to serve the people, it doesn’t have to be a politician, ”he said. ” I don’t compete with others. One must compete with the other. That’s easy. If he competes with others, he imitates his opponent. If you compete with yourself, things will get easier, ” Mammootty said.