Tapioca and Onion chutney

Tapioca and  Onion chutney

Tapioca is almost pure starch and has very limited nutritional value.It only contain minor protein, fat and fiber. Every malayali likes kappa(tapioca) and chutneys.Here introduce tapioca and shallot chutney.

Ingredients for cooking tapioca
Tapioca 3 ( medium size)
water as needed
Salt as needed

To making chutney
Green chilli 4
Salt as needed
Coconut oil 1,1/2 tablespoon
Grated coconut 1,1/2 cup

How to prepare
Take tapioca and cut into small pieces and wash well.Take a pressure cooker add needed water with tapioca and add salt as needed along with it. Cook it well in medium flame .wait for two whistle of pressure cooker. open the cooker after the pressure completely gone.When tapioca cooked well.
For making chutney take some shallots and green chilli, pound it well, add salt as needed along with coconut oil. Mix it well.Then drain the water from tapioca.Later take a pan add oil into it.After heating oil add sliced shallots and curry leaves into it.Then add green chilli and grated coconut along with salt as needed.Finally add tapioca into the pan and mix well. Off the flame after heating tapioca. Now tapioca is ready to serve with chutney.