Selfie Editor

Selfie Editor

App Features
Glowing & Radiant Skin
+ Smooth and rejuvenate your skin,
+ Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes,
+ Brighten dark circles under your eyes,
+ Face lift by using our face makeup editor tools.

+ Spot Remover : Use Selfie Editor’s pimple remover & spot remover tool to fix pictures & make your photos flawless.
+ Heart melting Smile : With our teeth-whitening tool, you’ll look like you came straight from the dentist.

+ Bigger & Brighter Eyes : Bring out the beautiful contrast of your eyes to instantly light up your selfie with “Brighten”.
+ Reshape : Instantly slim or increase any area of the photo with a couple of simple swipes.

+ Resize : Touch up the size of any section of your photo in seconds.
+ Awesome Filters : Our wide range of beauty camera filters make perfect selfies; vacation snapshots, and everyday photos look flawless in every frame.
+ Show Off : Instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through Facebook, Instagram or e-mail.

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