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sanitary pad or menstrual pad is an absorbent item which we use during menstrual time otherwise after delivering or any gynaecologyic surgery or abortion etc,sanitary pad absorbs blood of menstrous time.nowdays sanitary pads are widely used. menstrual cups are available in market but sanitary pads are commonly used.when we use sanitary pads it is important to use high quality products otherwise it will lead way to infection. women in rural areas use cotton clothes during their period that is good but if they used unsterilised clothes and other things urinary infection and other problems.changing your pad every 3 or 4 hours is good and hygiene and helps prevent bad odor.

Many womens are not bothered about personal hygiene during menstrual time.there is more chance for infection so we should change pads proper time and use sterilised clothes instead of pads during that time.cloth using more comfort and better than pads but the clothes should be sterilised. mensus is an important milestone in women’s life, the average age of mensus is mostly considered between 12 and 13 years of age. sanitary pads makes some pollutions in our environment so women should be educated and bothered about use of pad and hygiene of mensus time