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Technological advances have consistently led to transformative changes within individuals and reshaped the landscape of governance. E-governance initiatives and smart government offices have made public-government interactions more seamless and transparent. Kerala has always played an important role in adopting such rapid changes. Now, the state government is taking a big leap to usher in another technology wave through local bodies. “K-SMART” (Kerala Solutions for Managing Administrative Reform and Transformation) project is designed to provide maximum services to an individual from birth to death through an online platform. It aims to increase efficiency and transparency throughout the operations of local self-government bodies in delivering services and managing their day-to-day operations.

Local governments currently use a variety of software platforms to ensure accessibility of various services. The ultimate goal is to transform these disparate systems into a coherent and unified platform through K-SMART. K-SMART evolves from the existing Integrated Local Governance Management System (ILGMS) in gram panchayats across the state. Hence, K-Smart is also called the second edition of ILGMS.

This application is developed by the Information Kerala Mission for the Local Self-Government Department. Focused on constitutional values, this citizen-centric service delivery platform will go public on January 1, 2024. K-SMART aims to provide a wide range of services to individuals and service providers including Akshaya Kendras, private and local organizations. , and employees.

Features of App

– Applications/complaints for services can be submitted online and their status can be checked online
– An integrated messaging system designed to provide applicants/complaints receipt of acknowledgments to applicants and complaints through their login, WhatsApp and email.
– Provision of online payment of application fee, taxes and other charges through e-payment system
– Trusted and authentic certificates can be downloaded online
– Services are available on time without any space limitations
– While the login records are kept safe, they can be accessed by the applicant/complainant for future purposes.
– Services are available at low service charges through Akshaya Kendras, Kudumbashree Help Desks and other service providers.
– Hospitals, police stations, sub-divisional magistrate offices and other government institutions can digitally submit reports, applications, responses, complaints and appeals to local self-government bodies through K-SMART.
– Uniform and statutory protocols will be implemented in all local self-government bodies
– A shift from a file-centric management system to a data-centric management approach
– A transparent and corruption-free governance is possible by establishing a governance system that effectively responds to the needs of the public.
– Employees can complete various tasks through one login
– Decisions can be made on files outside working hours, even on holidays if necessary
– Employees use personal login credentials for work to document their best practices. Office supervisors can identify those who fail to follow best practices and take corrective action

Available Services

+ Civil Registration (Birth, Death, Marriage Registration)
+ Business Facilitation (Licenses for trade and industries)
+ Property Tax
+ User Management
+ File Management System
+ Finance Module
+ Building Permission Module
+ Public Grievance Redressal

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