How To Apply Smart Card Driving License

Smart Driving License

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the state-level driving license in PVC PET G format with 8 safety standards prescribed by the Union Transport Ministry today. PVC Pet G card driving license will be inaugurated at the inauguration ceremony of digital enforcement project at Symphony Hall of Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram at 3 pm.

The transport department said that the PVC PET G card with security features like serial number, UV emblem, guilloche pattern, micro text, hot stamped hologram, optical variable ink and QR code cannot be tampered with. These cards are internationally accepted. Distribute this to all new licensees.

Those who have a laminated driving license can switch to a new smart license by paying Rs 200. The new driving license has come with seven safety features. A new license can be obtained without surrendering the existing license. Just apply online. Those who want the new license by post will also have to pay the postage fee. Exemption is for one year. After that, you will have to pay Rs.1200 and postage for the duplicate driving license.

From May, vehicle registration certificates will also be converted to Pet G Card. Seven security systems are provided in the cards. ATM Pet G cards can be kept in the wallet like cards. A better printing system is used so that the letters do not fade. Unique number, UV light pattern, guilloche design as in notes, border line in micro letters on sides, hologram, image of India that changes color as light falls, QR which can be scanned to get all license information. It has code.

How To Apply

1 – Go to website.
2 – Click License Related Services in Online Services
3 – Select State Kerala and continue.
4 – Click on the Replacement of DL icon
5 – Select the RTO and generate the application.
6 – Scan both sides of the original license in hand and upload it.
7 – Complete the online application by paying the prescribed fee

Your PETG smart card license will be delivered to the address on the license within a few days.

Special Attention

Be sure to scan and upload the original licenses currently in hand.