Holy Quran Application

Holy Quran Application

Issued by the King Fahd Complex for printing the Holy Quran in Madinah. The application presents two high-quality copies of the Musnif Al-Madinah Al-Nabawi, with Hafs’ Asim’s narration in longitudinal or transverse form. It supports thirteen international languages. It contains quick searching, reference and reading.

The participation of the pages of the Koran through social networking sites, the recitation of Surat of the Surat, the follow-up of the daily, weekly, and monthly recitation of the Quran, and the possibility to move to the pages of the Koran at the page level, or Sura, or quarter, or party or part. The application contains an audio recording of four Qur’anic verses in nine transcribed Qurans, seven full-text translations of the Qur’an’s multiple translations of the Quran, and seven full-length translations of the Quran’s many translations of the Qur’an, including “Easy Interpretation” and a number of scientific books Of the compiler, with the option to download or browse option for them only without downloading.

In the application there are many innovative characteristics such as the reason why each surah is named, its names are stop and expiation, and the texts of the Holy Quran are presented in the search results. It is also unique to other applications with a variety of advantages, such as: enabling the user to follow his response in reading the Holy Quran and sealing it according to the Companions of the Sahaabah, and to display the pages of the Qur’an in a way that flips the book, and the possibility of distinguishing the text of the Qur’anic verses in the Qur’an,.

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