GIF Maker & Editor

GIF Maker & Editor

Feature of App
+ Cut video, crop video before create GIF.
+ Add over 200 image to create GIF.
+ Edit your GIF before save.

+ Add label with text style, color,…
+ Add over 100 sticker funny in your GIF
+ Manager all image in your GIF.
+ Manager all GIF file you have create and view them when you want.

+ Share your GIF by one click. It very easily for everyone. You can upload GIF into GIPHY, IMGUR, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ….
+ View trending, funny , … in GIPHY.
+ Create GIF from GIF link like GIPHY or .gif.
+ New UX.

+ Import output GIF into Gallery.
+ Load all GIF in your devices.
+ Create GIF from video in social network.
+ Remove background GIF.

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