Today we are discussing about the smart ration card. Officially it is launched in November 2 nd by Kerala government. All those have the ration card will get the smart ration card also. On one condition that Aadhaar number of all members in that ration card should be linked. If it is linked then we can apply for smart ration card. This is the only condition. There is no other fees or something like that. so i will show how to apply for it.
First open civil supplies official website and click on the option ‘citizen login’. There will be displayed two options Akshaya and citizen then click on citizen. Select ‘create account’ then we should enter Aadhaar card number and ration card number. Aadhar card number should be of a person in that ration card and it should be linked. Then enable the tick box and select ‘validate’.
Then create a user id and a password then confirm your password and fill other columns (mobile number and email ID). Type the captcha code and submit. We can save it if needed. If you have saved your password and user ID then it will be shown in the column then sign in after typing the captcha code. We will reach to a new page in which we can receive the services of ration card.

We should take care of two things:

1. open Aadhar entry from the top options and make sure that all members’ Aadhar number is linked and shown there.
2. open English entry from the top options and make sure your data (name and house name) is written in English there.
For those who haven’t completed it I will show a demo. Select English entry from top options. There will be our place and house name written already in Malayalam language. Then type the place and house name in English in the blank columns. click ‘update Card details’. Then click ‘submit’ in the bottom. click ‘approve’,. After we make sure these two are correct we can apply for the smart card.

Then click on the option ‘print’ and select ‘E card PVC card print’. There will be two options for printing. click on the PVC card. There will appear a new tab to click yes, on the top of it last 4 digits of your mobile number will be shown. When you click yes, password of ration card will be sent to given mobile number. Then a new page will be opened and enter your password there which is sent to your mobile number and submit. So we can print pvc card of smart card.

There is no any fees for getting this smart card


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