Electricity Unit Calculation

We cannot think without electricity in our daily life. every where use electric energy , it is often measured in watt hours . every equipment in home uses electric energy. nowadays electricity charges is very high , so we should care about the consumption. old electricity equipments should be replaced because it needs high watts, modern equipment uses less watt.air conditioner, heater, and motor which items use more watts per day.

Electricity has been generated in power stations since 1882.old times electricity generates only from water, but now days solar , wind and thermal power are used.we can take some steps to reduce consumption of electricity which are, turn off the lights, shutdown computers , use led bulb instead of filament bulb, replace old televisions, old fan etc..electricity has many uses in our daily life. which for lighting, cooling, heating, cooking,powering of television and computer etc…the use of electricity increases day by day. in every home, shops ,offices all off them needs electricity.electricity have an important role in medical field where ecg x rays are on the basis of electric power.electricity also have role in entertainment and transportation field.nowdays without electricity we cant sustain.